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The Adventures of Zach the Valorous

Zach is such a courageous little kitten!

Today, during his ceaseless recognizance of the perimeter, he encountered a Monkey.

Being a sociable fellow, Zach began taking said Monkey on a tour of the back hall carpet, when suddenly his infallible kitty senses signaled to him that the Monkey was a threat to our Homeland Security! Bravely, Zach proceeded to
beat the bejesus out of it!

Hoping the evil primate had learned his lesson, Zach tried again to show it around the house. However, the monkey was unrepentant, and needed to be (if you'll excuse the expression) called on the carpet yet again, and once more
mauled into submission.

And Lucy? Well, confident in the brave kitten's vigilance, she was able to rest easy during the entire episode.
feather boa hobbits

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unoriginal but accurate.

I have n't been here in LJ for quite awhile, but I've got some things to report. First and foremost, it's my new family.

Lucy arrived first. She's three years old, but naturally petite. She's gorgeous -- looks like a cross between a tortie and a Russian Blue. She's a total sweetheart, and doesn't get upset even by the juicemaker (which sounds like a 747 landing on the kitchen counter).

The second member of the family, a little boy, only came home today -- he was having his little balls snipped off. I wavered between several names: Desi, to go with Lucy; Dominic (for obvious reasons), but eventually he got through to me that his name is Zachary. Zach-cat the Small.

Now, Lucy has been totally unflappable so far, but I wasn't sure how she'd respond right at first to a little boy-creature invading her queendom.

She was a little wary, especially just in the beginning, and kept a close eye on this teensey interloper.

Zach endured the scrutiny with impeccable manners, and very soon they were bonding in cautious reconnoitering of their archenemy, the dread vacuum cleaner. Things progressed rapidly from there, and at this very moment the 6-ounce kitten is chasing the full-grown cat down the hall.

I have to start posting garden stuff too. Iolanthe has tapped into my obsessive nature, drat her, and now I'm insane.
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Those of you who are reading Lady Sunrope's "Angel" series will understand why I looked high and low to find a bronze of the Archangel Michael to give her for Christmas.

And by gum, I found one!

He weighs a ton, though, so she elected not to tuck him in her bag when she went back to England. Instead, she left him in my custody.

I've never been responsible for the care and feeding of an Archangel before. I think he's taking advantage of me. He's having all sort of adventures!

But before I get on to telling you about these adventures, I'll just introduce him.

He's quite the handsome bloke, if a bit ... what was her word? ... formidable. Yep. Formidable.

I knew you'd ask. It was the first place I looked too.

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There's only one way to make sense out of what happened in London today... and here it is: this morning daizalicious and kinkthatwinked telephoned me, just to say they know I have a loved one across the pond, and they hope she's all right, and they're thinking of us.

That's the only thing that has any power against hatred.

Or, maybe if we have a little more war against Iraq, we'll really teach them. You know, like parents who take a belt to a kid to teach him not to hit his baby sister.

It does teach them. Indeed it does.
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germansoulmate tagged me -- I'm supposed to list my ten most desirable celebrities. Oh dear. I don't know celebrities very well. Aside from LotR and related, that is. Here we go:
1. Dominic Monaghan
2. Elijah Wood
3. Viggo Mortensen
4. Halle Berry
5. Josh Holloway
6. Evangeline Lilly
7. David Bowie
8. Will Smith
9. Ellen Degeneres (especially as Dorrie!) (*hearts her*)
10. Lady Sunrope (BNFs count, right??)

I need to tag 5 people too.
1. Lady Sunrope
2. Iolanthe Rosa
3. Foxy KC
4. ismenin
5. doodle