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porn and chocolate
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I'm an incurable pervy hobbit fancier.
I've been in love with Frodo for 35 years, read the books at least 50 times, seen the movies at least 40, and I'm not done with either yet.

I started writing fanfic in the Frodo/Sam genre, working out my own stuff thru Frodo. I am a devotee of the dark side; of the Frodoangst; of Bronwe athan Harthad. I am fascinated by the parallels between Frodo's Ringspell and the diseases of addiction and abuse. It has taken me most of my life to begin accepting some Harthad Uluithiad into my life, and my username is a celebration of that.

But I couldn't keep writing Frodo/Sam -- the Havens!Grief almost did me in. In self-defense I turned to RPS. From Frodo/Sam it was a natural transition to start out writing EW/SA... but I soon saw the error of my ways and am an OTP DomLijah gal now!


Give me porn and chocolate!!

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